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Susannah Tucker
Susannah Tucker

a little bit about the daydreaming girl behind the camera - 

Hello, my name is Susannah,

... and I love to take photos, and then process them with textures, adding layers and words to create whimsical images that remind us of the wonderment of childhood.  


My arts purpose is to transport you to a place where you 'lose yourself in a daydream.....'

My Story

I love the colour blue. I love watching the clouds drift across a blue sky, spring blossoms, road trips, ice cream on a hot day, hot air balloons and diving into a bright blue swimming pool.  


I love the beach, more than I could ever convey.  It is where I feel connected, grounded, and most alive.  Water is in my soul.  Which is why part way through 2019, after many years living in a small town in my beautiful home country New Zealand, we moved back to Australia, to sunny, stunning Queensland.  We now wake to palm trees, aqua swimming pools, and pristine beaches.  Where every day I am inspired to create art.

I grew up in New Zealand and the East Coast USA, and had charmed childhood summers in converted lighthouses on Prince Edward Island, white Christmas' by Lake Eire, sailing around the Marlborough Sounds, exploring and experiencing a magical childhood.....this set me up for a lifelong love of all things whimsical, and capturing the everyday that one day will make us feel nostalgic.  


I was given my first camera when I was 8, and have been taking photos ever since, 

capturing in my art what it feels like to daydream, to get lost in the emotion, that space where the sun is so bright your eyes can't focus and you just have to feel it.

I sell my photography as prints ~ framed and unframed, canvas wraps and cards here on this website. 

I paint limited series abstract canvases, available to ship internationally on the Bluethumb website.  

My art has been shipped to all corners of the globe, which makes me oh so happy.  I love to make custom sets for customers, and can print to almost any size.  Have a request?  Get in touch I'd love to work with you on your idea!  


I work with licencing partners and art publishers around the world, and welcome new partnerships.  


I love to help customers decide what piece, size, set configuration would work for your walls.

Send me an email, I love to chat!

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